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PostSubject: RANDOMOSITY SPECIFIC RULES   Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:37 pm

This place is very lenient, and will even allow breaking of rules usually enforced elsewhere. However, it still does have rules, and they shall be posted here:

1) No resorting to serious threats (E.G. Death Threats, Threatening to Rape someone, etc). This is out right not allowed, as we cannot confirm if you meant it or if it was a joke. Yes, even sarcasm tags won't excuse you from this

PUNISHMENT: Warning ; Message Deletion

2) Trolling and Flaming IS allowed here, but please keep it reasonable. Racism is not tolerated, for example. If it breaks the ToS of the host, then you will be warned. Also, use discretion. Going overboard is still going overboard

PUNISHMENT: Warning ; Message Deletion

3) As sad as it is to say, no pornography or hentai is allowed, as it violates the ToS. So suffice to say, go ahead and post it, but if you are caught, it is your own fault. And if you manage to pull a Slowpoke with that, well then, I will be impressed

PUNISHMENT: Warning ; Message Deletion. Ban (1 week) for repeated offenses

4) No discussion of illegal materials. If you want to talk about emulators and ROMs, then please, keep that off the boards. We REALLY don't want to get in trouble for that. And if we catch wind of anybody posting child porn, then that person will be banned until we can look into the issue. Yes, even if it is pictures of yourself, you will be banned. Speaking of which, why are you posting naked pictures of yourself anyways?

PUNISHMENT: Ban (1 week). Ban (1 month) for repeated offenses ; Permanent Ban pending Admin approval if Child Pornography is involved

5) If you don't have a thick skin, then don't come in here. Seriously. People WILL try to get under your skin here. We realize trolling will happen, and some of the best threads on forums come from trolling, which is why this board was made (it also gives us a place to dump stupid threads. We can't punish you for your stupidity. Trolls, however, can). So no whining if somebody hurt your feelings in here, and no complaining if you get warned or banned for something you did here, whether or not you were provoked into it. If you can't handle the heat, then stay out of the kitchen

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