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 What I hate about...

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What I hate about... Empty
PostSubject: What I hate about...   What I hate about... EmptyWed Apr 14, 2010 11:43 pm

Just a little game I thought of. Basically what we do here is rant about random, meaningless and ridiculous stuff.

The first player (Me, hehehe), chooses a topic, and now has to rant about it.

1.-A 'rant' must be at least 4 lines long.
2.-You must stick to the topic at hand, unless it's turn to change comes.
3.-In order to change a topic, at least 5 rants must've been made about that topic.
3a.-If thread remains inactive for 3 days, the next person can post about any topic.
3b.-The topic you're talking about must be stated at the top of your post.
4.-Once the 5 rants have been achieved, the poster of the 5th rant gets to post any of the following at the bottom of his/her post:

-KEEP: The next poster must rant about the same topic. Any subsequent posters of the same topic get the same options stated in rule 4.
-SURPRISE ME: The next poster must come with something else to rant about.
-YOUR WISH: The next poster may continue with the same topic, or change it.
-MY WISH: If you post MY WISH, you must then type another topic, and the next poster must rant about that topic. You may not however, participate in the topic you chose.


Topic: Paper

Yeah... paper, I really hate how it's always missing when you need it the most ("printer is out of paper"), yet manages to eat you alive whenever you let it be for too long, it's like... they multiply. Also it really clogs up your archives, whenever you want to put something else in it, guess what? It's already full. Not only that, but you can't even control+F through them, you have to read them one by one, until you find out that the document that you were looking for is lost somewhere. Exams usually come printed in paper too, which makes them all that more evil.

Another thing about paper is how you can accidentally cut yourself with it, and it really fucking hurts. Imagine what would have happened if the person that invented paper had cut himself with it, paper would be a weapon of mass destruction.

And that's paper for you.
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Sweet Company
Sweet Company

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What I hate about... Empty
PostSubject: Re: What I hate about...   What I hate about... EmptyThu Apr 15, 2010 12:01 am

And you know what? It gets even worse. Paper can be made into paper bags, which are the sole embodiment of evil. First off, the smaller paper bags are so small, you can't hardly make them into anything. They also don't have any handles, so you have to grip it like it's falling from a cliff, because if you don't, it falls. The bigger ones can have handles, but the handles need to be reinforced with plastic, or else the handles are about as useful as birth control to a nun. Oh, and all this is assuming that it's not raining. If it's raining, you have a whole new plethora of problems, most notable of which is that your paper bag, which is now getting wet, is about as durable as ... well a wet paper bag!!

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What I hate about... 2yxhjiv
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What I hate about...
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