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 HG/SS: Leveling to 100 (Gym Leader Rematches)

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HG/SS: Leveling to 100 (Gym Leader Rematches) Empty
PostSubject: HG/SS: Leveling to 100 (Gym Leader Rematches)   HG/SS: Leveling to 100 (Gym Leader Rematches) EmptyFri Apr 23, 2010 4:16 am

In these games, getting to level 100 is simply a matter of making the right phone calls, and having the right Pokemon. A lot of people say that the lack of a Vs. Seeker makes it harder to hit 100, but that's not true. You want proof? Three words for you: Gym Leader Rematches.

Unlike in Platinum, you aren't stuck to a single rematch per leader, a day. Oh no. This game took it to the max. If you have the right Gym Leader's number, and if it's the right time of day, you can fight the Gym Leader repeatedly. You don't have to run around and recharge a Vs. Seeker, but rather just have to keep calling the Gym Leader after you beat them. Nifty? More like bad ass!

But, there's a catch, you have to first have that Gym Leader's number. Here's a full list of when (and where) the Gym Leaders will be giving away their phone numbers.

- Falkner: Monday, at any time.
(Celadon Department Store, 4th Floor)

- Bugsy: Thursday, at any time.
(Viridian Forest, near the south exit)

- Whitney: Everyday between 12pm and 4pm.
(Goldenrod Department Store, 6th Floor)

- Morty: Monday and Tuesday, at any time.
(Bell Tower Path)

- Chuck: Any time you want.
(Talk to his wife outside the Gym)

- Jasmine: Every day between 1pm and 2pm.
(Restaraunt in Olivine City)

- Pryce: Every day between 6am and 10am.
(Lake of Rage, near the southern edge of the lake)

- Clair: Every day between 6am and 10am, but only after you've done the Dual Battle in Dragon's Den.
(Dragons Den, right before the water)

- Brock: Every day between 12pm and 3pm.
(Diglett's Cave, near the Pewter City entrance)

- Misty: Every day between 4pm and 6pm, but only after you've caught/defeated Suicune.
(Cape where you find Suicune)

- Lt. Surge: Every day between 9am and 12pm, but you must show him a Pikachu (must be in lead position).
(Outside the Power Plant)

- Erika: Saturdays and Sundays, between 3pm and 5pm.
(Celadon City Fountain)

- Janine: Every day between 4pm and 6pm.
(Victory Road Reception Gate)

- Sabrina: Friday, at any time.
(SS Aqua port, Olivine City)

- Blaine: Tuesday, at any time.
(Cinnabar Island, near the Pokemon Center)

You can also get Blue's number, but he's a lot more difficult to get a hold of. To do that, you need to get a few Massages from his sister, Daisy, in Pallet Town. Her Massage Service is only available between 3pm and 4pm every day. Eventually if you show her a Pokemon that's full of happiness, she'll give you Blue's number.

Now, once you have the desired Gym Leader, don't go thinking you can fight them right away. Each Leader is only available on a certain day, for a certain period of time. Here's a chart showing when they're available for rebattles:

HG/SS: Leveling to 100 (Gym Leader Rematches) 24y2pt0

As I said before, you can battle the Gym Leader as many times as you want, if you're still in their respective time section.

Now that you know how to get the battles, now you need to know how to use it to your advantage. Bear in mind, you're not fighting regular trainers. These are upgraded versions of the Gym Leaders, so be prepared for the worst. However, if you are willing to work for it, these Gym Leaders can reward you with more EXP (roughly 33k-35k per battle, with both boosts), than normal trainers.

I generally take one of the Pokemon that I've already leveled to 100, and use it to face off against a Gym Leader that it's generally got the type advantage against. I put the Exp. Share on my new Pokemon, and let it soak up the Exp. This makes things go very fast for 50 levels, easily.

However, depending on the Pokemon, that still might not be enough. Like I said before, these guys aren't pushovers, and you will have to work for your experience. Just the other day, I took a Minun from level 1 to level 70 in a few hours, against Jasmine using the Experience Share. If you can get a favorable type matchup on the right day, getting to level 100 is a snap.

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HG/SS: Leveling to 100 (Gym Leader Rematches) 2yxhjiv
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HG/SS: Leveling to 100 (Gym Leader Rematches)
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